Virtual card from Unichange: The advantages of virtual debit ca

The modern pace of life has become much faster and the majority of working people find it increasingly difficult to set aside some time to do the chores. Therefore, many people have appreciated the opportunity to buy goods on the Internet, and the emergence of a virtual debit card was only a matter of time.

The main difference between the virtual debit card and the ordinary bank card is that you do not own a plastic card. This card can be in digital form only.

The virtual debit card is used to pay for goods and services on the Internet. In order to pay for something you should choose a payment option “to pay by credit/debit card”. By the way, there are permanent and temporary virtual cards. The latter one usually have strict limits regarding the amount of money and become unusable after the money runs out.

In comparison with an ordinary bank card providing the service of Internet banking, the virtual debit card has a range of advantages:

  • Security. You have a much lower risk of being a victim of fraud if you use a virtual debit card: it can not be stolen, and to peep the card number and its PIN is impossible as well.
  • Relative anonymity. More and more people are being concerned with safety of their personal data left on Internet. The virtual debit card is perfect for those who do not want to provide information about their plastic bank cards.
  • Cost. Typically, the cost of a virtual debit card is much lower comparing to the bank one. Besides, you do not have to pay for delivery of the card: virtual debit cards are sent via the Internet.
  • No need to go to the bank in order to open a bank account, to provide the documents and to wait for approval. Virtual card can be ordered through the Internet, and you avoid red-tape problems.
  • Time-saving. Getting a virtual debit card takes far less time.
  • Mobility. You can pay for the goods anywhere. The only thing you need is the Internet access. You will not face a situation where you forget the card at home and you have to return to take it.
The only disadvantage of virtual debit card is that you can not withdraw the money via ATMs or pay with it for the goods in real stores. It should be understood that this is not an additional service to the plastic card, it is another type of cards that has its advantages. virtual debit cards

Website extended services and currently customers can order Unichange vitrual cards EUR and USD.
You have at least four reasons to order our card:

  • Fast delivery.
    You will get details of the virtual card immediately after your card application is approved and completed.
  • Low cost.
    The price of the virtual debit card is still lower than the plastic one and its cost is only $ 9 (€ 7).
  • High limits.
    Unichange virtual debit card has the same limits as our plastic card. You can withdraw up to $20,000/€20,000 per day.
  • The security of your main card.
    You can use virtual card for online payments only. This will allow you not to provide your plastic card details online, that can be used maliciously. You can have a small amount of money at the virtual debit card which designed only for making payments via the network, and the main part of the money can be kept at the plastic card.
The only inconvenience is the fact that you should use separate email address for virtual card.
At the same time this inconvenience can serve as additional security layer. In case any intruder gets access to your email address , he will have no chane by getting access to any other Unichange debit card.

The virtual debit card is the perfect solution for fast and safe online payments.