How to buy Bitcoin

Most of our articles are dedicated to Bitcoin, but still there are some subjects that may be interesting for people who just started to be interested in cryptocurrency. You already know the types of BTC wallets, how to choose the Bitcoin wallet and how to make it bulletproof. However, at this stage, the question arises: how to buy Bitcoin?

Buy Bitcoin at BTC exchange

You can buy coins from ordinary people at exchanges of cryptocurrency. You have an option to buy bitcoin for fiat money or altcoins. The Bitcoin price is average and it does not vary that much depending on a particular user. Pay attention to the number of bitcoins, which is put up for sale, because usually it is quite limited. Previously we have written about the features of some popular Bitcoin exchanges.
This is the one of the easiest ways to buy Bitcoin, however it has disadvantages as well, such as susceptibility to cyber attacks (remember the case when the largest exchange Mt Gox was hacked), delay of funds withdrawal, the problems with the website operation because of the high number of visitors and others.
Anyway it is much more reliable way to buy Bitcoin at BTC exchanges than to buy it directly from the strange people at some forums for example, because in this case you do not have any guarantees.

Buy Bitcoin via online exchanger

Buying Bitcoin via services of online exchange could be a little bit more expensive, but it is much more safe because good online exchangers pay serious attention to the security of its users. If you read our previous article, you do not have problems with the choice of safe exchanger.
Additional advantages of this method are various ways of buying Bitcoins (electronic payment systems, money transfer, etc.) and the possibility to exchange a large amount of money at once. In addition, online exchangers periodically announce the special offers on the different exchange directions, which will help you to save your money on buying Bitcoins, and you can even earn some money via different affiliate programs.
The only peculiarity of online exchange services is absence of possibility to buy Bitcoins via bank transfer. Usually online exchangers eliminate this direction due to the fact that bank transfer takes 2-4 business days to arrive, while within this time frame price of Bitcoin can seriously change, not only it can go down, but also it can go up. In this case it looks like gambling, you can either get extra bitcoins for the same amount of money, or have a lot less Bitcoin than you expected.
So excluding this direction, exchange services provide another option instead - buying BTC-e USD codes via bank transfer.
If you have BTC-e codes, it is easy for you to buy Bitcoins on the bitcoin exchange platform with that exchange rate which is preferable for you.
By the way, sometimes we give you the chance to make the money on the purchase of BTC-e code.

Buy Bitcoin via ATM

This feature is available in the cities, where Bitcoin ATMs are installed. The information on how to buy bitcoins may differ slightly in each ATM, but in general, it comes down to a few points: a quick verification, entering the Bitcoin addresses, cash loading and sending the payment.
This method of bitcoin buying is quite convenient, especially if you stay outdoors and you need to transfer bitcoins urgently.
Unfortunately, the number of Bitcoin ATMs is really small comparing to the number of bank ATMs, and it affects the popularity of this method.

Getting bitcoins through your website

If you have a website to provide services or to sell goods, you can install an additional Bitcoin payment option. So you get Bitcoins without additional fees and risks connected with the Bitcoin exchanges.


This is the last way to get bitcoin. Although this method still exists, it has a questionable benefit: many miners confirmed that the expenses of electricity and professional hardware are not covered at all. But if you have a strong desire you can try it anyway.

So now you are aware of how to buy Bitcoin. Buy bitcoins and experience the benefits of digital money.