Top bitcoin exchanges

One of the methods to buy or sell Bitcoin is to do it via bitcoin exchange. We decided to tell you about the most widely known bitcoin exchanges.

Traditionally in terms of the number of transactions the Chinese exchanges take the lead with the average turnover of 100,000 bitcoins per day. But these bitcoin exchanges are not of great interest for European users, particularly because of the language barrier. Therefore, we would like to tell you about Bitcoin exchanges, which remain the most popular among users in Europe and the United States.


This is one of the first European bitcoin exchanges. The daily turnover of the bitcoin exchange is about 12,000 BTC. It was hacked, but trading was stopped in time, so it was managed to prevent the loss of funds in the accounts of users.

Fee: 0.5%
Currency: BTC; USD


  • necessity of the proof of identity (in order to prevent money laundering)
  • available currencies are only BTC and USD
  • availability of API
  • Multilingual interface (English, German, Russian, Dutch, Finnish, Polish, Czech, Italian, Slovenian)
  • ways of input\output: the international wire transfer, SEPA transfer, payment systems: Ripple, Bitcoin, Astropay (input only).


It is a large exchange whose daily turnover reaches 60,000 bitcoins. It has many additional functions. In the near future the bitcoin exchange is planning to work on the legal aspects of its activity, licensing in particular.

Fee: 0.15%
Currency: USD; DRK, BTC, LTC

  • trade without margin, trade with a broker, margin trading
  • obligatory verification of identity for USD input\output
  • availability of the partner program
  • several modes of order processing
  • automatic mode for input\output of BTC, LTC


This bitcoin exchange is one of the largest. The daily turnover of the exchange is about 10,000 bitcoins. It remains the most popular bitcoin exchange among the Russian-speaking users. The real-time trading is available. You have the possibility to exchange the fiat money and cryptocurrency. Although the bitcoin exchange was subjected to hacker attacks, it returned the stolen money to users. There are different options of the money input\output, but the most low-cost way is to do it through the BTC-e codes (0% fee). There are other exchanges that are also work with these codes. Earlier we have told about the profitable way to buy btc-e code.

Fee: different for each currency

  • trading api available
  • margin trading via MT4 terminal
  • white list of IP addresses
  • funds are transferred through BTC-e codes
  • 2-step verification
  • wide range of cryptocurrencies
  • opportunity to work with PAMM accounts
  • restrictions on chat: time interval between messages and availability only for users with a balance of more than $100

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