Visa vs Mastercard: Does it make any difference?

Visa and MasterCard are still the most famous payment systems in the world, their cards are accepted in most countries. For many years the number of its users is growing steadily. The main reason for success of these companies is the proven quality of service. They rightfully earned acclaim of many people around the world. So, is there any difference between MasterCard and Visa card? Yes, it is.
In general, Visa card and MasterCard have the same functions: non-cash payments for services and goods, money transfers, online banking, money withdrawal etc. Due to this fact, many questions arise regarding the subject of Visa vs Mastercard. What is better for you? The answer is below.
Both Visa and MasterCard equally enough distributed market share, but anyway they have some technical differences that will help you with choosing the card.

What’s the difference between MasterCard and Visa card in practice?
Traditionally, Visa card is pegged to USD, and MasterCard - to EUR. As a rule, you can choose any available currency for your card, but if you use it abroad, where USD and Euro are not the official currencies, then it will be converted through the USD, if you have the Visa card, or the euro, if you are the MasterCard user. This is the first and the main difference between MasterCard and Visa card.
Let's say you live in Russia and the currency of your account is ruble.
If you pay for something with this card in Europe, the currency conversion will be as follows:
MasterCard: RUB> EUR
In this case, it is better to have the MasterCard card because each currency conversion stage has its fee.
If you have to travel to the European country which doesn’t belong to the eurozone, such as Denmark, the currency will be converted as it’s described below:
MasterCard: RUB> EUR> DKK
For the reason that euro is mostly used for money transactions in Europe, the triple currency conversion is possible if you have the Visa card.
If you are going to travel to the United States, it is obvious that it is better to choose a dollar Visa card. In such way, you can avoid any currency conversion. But if you have a dollar MasterCard card, you still face the conversion of currencies: USD> EUR> USD.
This rule is also applied for payments in the euro area: it is better to take a MasterCard card in EUR rather than euro Visa card. So you avoid the currency conversion. But when you use the Visa card pegged to euro, the currency conversion will take place in any case: EUR> USD> EUR.
Having chosen the payment system you should decide on the bank that will launch your card. Some differences depend on the bank itself. For example, the fee for the payment system conversion (Enter Bank Fee), which ranges from 0% to 5%, is determined by each particular bank. All the fees should be specified in every bank, because they may vary.

Hopefully you have got the difference between MasterCard and Visa card and now you can decide what is better for you in the struggle of Visa vs Mastercard. To sum it up we should mention that it is better to use the Visa card in the United States, MasterCard - in Europe, and there is no difference if you are going to use the card in Russia.
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