Online services and personal data protection

At the time when Internet is increasingly pervades our lives, the personal data protection becomes particularly important. We have so many websites that greatly facilitate daily chores: you have no need to leave your house in order to send money, to order home appliances or to make utility payments. But at the same time, these websites have an access to your personal data. In our previous article, we have written how to find if a website is legitimate. These rules can be applicable for any webresource.

Unfortunately, the online services are responsible for the personal data protection as well. And you can not be completely confident that your personal data will not accidentally fall into the hands of a third party, especially when there are too many examples of the consequences of the personal data leakage.
In recent years one of the most high-profile cases has become cloud mining service collapse. As the consequence, the personal data protection has been violated. The personal information on 80 thousand users was stolen. Moreover, hackers put a proposal to sell the whole database to any interested person just for 1 Bitcoin. As the evidence of intention, cyberattackers released personal information of one thousand users, which included the unencrypted passwords. But the last fact indicates the guilt of the service itself. 

The Password Encryption is the first thing a website should do if it has an access to the personal data of its users. The websites providing financial services are always in the focus of attention of cyberattackers. These resources are always at risk. It was particularly upsetting that did nothing at all for the personal data protection of its users. The TLS and SSL certificate provides the encryption of personal information. Both of these protocols allow to encrypt the user name, password and messages.

How to get to know whether a website could violate personal data protection?
It's enough to look at the web page address. It should start with https instead of http which means the website has SSL certificate. It is also good if the website has two-factor authentication. In other words, you get the access to your account after you enter two passwords: permanent one (specified during registration) and temporary one (it is new and it comes to your cell phone).
There is another one, more reliable option: to enter the password + to answer the question known only to you. Registering on our site you can think this question up. Because the standard questions such as "What is the name of your pet", "What is your Zodiac sign?" etc. are easily answered by the people from your inner circle. Therefore we advise you to come up with unique questions with unpredictable answers.

Using our services you can be sure your personal information will not fall into the hands of the third party. Your personal data protection is our goal.