How to top up card

A bank card has great advantages in comparison with a cash: it is faster and more convenient to pay in the store; it is safer if you need to carry a large amount of money, because in the case of loss or theft you need to make just one call to the bank to have your account blocked. it's no wonder people prefer to pay for goods and services with a plastic card. We decided to tell you how to top up card in this article.

How to top up card at a cash department of a bank

You just need to come to the nearest branch of a bank a recipient’s card is belong to, and to find a cash department. There you need to fill in the bank receipt and to give the necessary amount of cash to the cashier. Within minutes, your card will be topped up. In some banks this service can be provided by client managers. The advantage of this method is that you can top up a card without being a client of the bank. 

How to top up card via an unattended payment terminal

First you need to find the UPT of your bank, select "To top up card", enter the amount of payment and put the cash into the UPT. You can also transfer money from card to card if you do not have a cash at this moment.
Note, this service has some fee, so less amount of money can be topped up. Typically, the commission rate is specified before sending confirmation of the money transaction. Note that a terminal can not give change in cash, but it can top up your phone account or another card.
In addition, the terminal has a number of other useful functions, such as paying for the Internet and utility bills, topping up the phone account etc.

How to top up card via ATM

Using ATM it is only possible to transfer money from card to card, i.e. without cash, as it was in the mentioned cases. It may also come in handy if you do not have cash, but you have the urge to send money to your relatives or to pay for your online order now. To do this you need to find an ATM, then insert your card, select "To top up card", enter the card number of the recipient and enter the necessary amount.

How to top up card online

This is perhaps the most convenient and usually the cheapest way to top up card. You just need to be the user of Internet banking. Usually banks offer this service to its customers for free. It gives you a possibility to manage your account online and you can also transfer money from card to card. For this purpose you just need to enter your account, to select "To top up card", to enter the amount of money and the card number.

How to top up card using the e-payment system/cryptocurrency

Please note that on this website you can top up credit/debit card with Bitcoin, BTC-e Code, Perfect Money, Okpay and Fasapay. In this case the money will arrive to your account within 3-5 days (usually 48 hours). For this purpose visit the home page of this website, choose the e-payment system you want to withdraw your money from, and then click on "Credit/Debit Card USD (EUR)" and enter the necessary amount.

In this case, it is much easier to use Unichange card , because it has a range of advantages:
  • Order processing within only 1 business hour;
  • Low-cost maintenance: $1 / €1 / £1 per month (depending on the chosen currency of the card);
  • The ability to withdraw your money all over the world;
  • High limits for the money input/output;
  • No obligatory verification and many other things!

You can check more information in cards.
The Unichange card would be especially interesting to freelancers and those who love to travel.
Try to find out the commission rate in advance to be sure that the card will be topped up properly. Please note if you send money at the bank branch, the unattended payment terminal or ATM of other bank, the transfer of money can take more time and it has higher fee.

As you can see, it is easy to top up card. It remains only to choose the method which is the most suitable for you.

Customers who are looking for fast and cost-effective e-currency and crypto currency withdrawal are welcome to try all advantages of Unichange debit card!