How to create a secure bitcoin wallet

The choice of Bitcoin wallet is the question of concern both for active Bitcoin users and those who just started to use cryptocurrency. We have already told you about the types of Bitcoin wallets in one of the previous articles.

Often choosing between different types of BTC-wallet, we have to choose between convenience and security. The latter factor is more important, so we will tell you how to get to know if your Bitcoin wallet is secure or not.

Firstly you should check whether you fulfill the rules listed below and whether your Bitcoin wallet meets the requirements. 

Bitcoin vs gold: What's better to invest in?

Since ancient times, gold is considered as the most important measure of the value of tangible assets. Besides it was used as a medium of exchange and capital accumulation. There is no wonder that today, many people still believe that investing in gold is much safer than buying banknotes of foreign countries, even those that are more economically developed.

This statement is quite true. The governors of the powerful countries are frequently talking about hard times for the economy, and most of the rest of the world is on the verge of economic collapse. When it was claimed that even the US dollar, which is established as a reserve currency in all the countries, has an uncertain future due to the increasing debt of the United States, often people start to consider the money as an unreliable tool for investment falling back to the everlasting gold in result.

However, due to the Internet technologies today we have the new subject for investment whose value is compared with gold. It is a Bitcoin digital currency.

Visa vs Mastercard: Does it make any difference?

Visa and MasterCard are still the most famous payment systems in the world, their cards are accepted in most countries. For many years the number of its users is growing steadily. The main reason for success of these companies is the proven quality of service. They rightfully earned acclaim of many people around the world. So, is there any difference between MasterCard and Visa card? Yes, it is.
In general, Visa card and MasterCard have the same functions: non-cash payments for services and goods, money transfers, online banking, money withdrawal etc. Due to this fact, many questions arise regarding the subject of Visa vs Mastercard. What is better for you? The answer is below.
Both Visa and MasterCard equally enough distributed market share, but anyway they have some technical differences that will help you with choosing the card.

Online services and personal data protection

At the time when Internet is increasingly pervades our lives, the personal data protection becomes particularly important. We have so many websites that greatly facilitate daily chores: you have no need to leave your house in order to send money, to order home appliances or to make utility payments. But at the same time, these websites have an access to your personal data. In our previous article, we have written how to find if a website is legitimate. These rules can be applicable for any webresource.

Unfortunately, the online services are responsible for the personal data protection as well. And you can not be completely confident that your personal data will not accidentally fall into the hands of a third party, especially when there are too many examples of the consequences of the personal data leakage.
In recent years one of the most high-profile cases has become cloud mining service collapse. As the consequence, the personal data protection has been violated. The personal information on 80 thousand users was stolen. Moreover, hackers put a proposal to sell the whole database to any interested person just for 1 Bitcoin. As the evidence of intention, cyberattackers released personal information of one thousand users, which included the unencrypted passwords. But the last fact indicates the guilt of the service itself. 

How to top up card

A bank card has great advantages in comparison with a cash: it is faster and more convenient to pay in the store; it is safer if you need to carry a large amount of money, because in the case of loss or theft you need to make just one call to the bank to have your account blocked. it's no wonder people prefer to pay for goods and services with a plastic card. We decided to tell you how to top up card in this article.

How to top up card at a cash department of a bank

You just need to come to the nearest branch of a bank a recipient’s card is belong to, and to find a cash department. There you need to fill in the bank receipt and to give the necessary amount of cash to the cashier. Within minutes, your card will be topped up. In some banks this service can be provided by client managers. The advantage of this method is that you can top up a card without being a client of the bank. 

Types of electronic payment system: which one is better for your e-business

Development of Internet technologies has contributed to emergence of electronic money and online business. For those who work on the internet resources, e-currency is important, and the choice of e-payment system is particularly responsible.

The main types of electronic payment system represent different ways to transfer money the client:

Credit scheme. Typically, this type involve card payment system. The peculiarity of this type of electronic payment system is the presence of the card regulator (VISA, MasterCard, Maestro, Delta etc.) during the payment processing. In a nutshell, the funds arrive in the merchant account, and the processing center is responsible for the money transaction and the card data processing.

How to save your money

Many people have always wondered how to save money, but in time of the global financial crisis this issue becomes particularly urgent. You probably notice that sometimes you waste the money on different stuff and for this reason you can not buy something you really need. Following our advice, you will get to know how to save money which will be quite helpful.

How to budget your money

Having received your salary, the first thing you need to do is to assess the necessary costs for a month and to divide your money for different expenses according to the chosen strategy. There are many ways to budget money, and we will tell you about the most popular ones.

Actually the difference between the strategies of money budgeting consists in a percentage and the categories of your expenses. You get to choose the one that meets your goals.

The cheapest way to buy btc-e code

In this article we decided to give more detailed information on the most cost-efficient direction on our website. At this moment it is buying btc-e code via the international wire transfer. Many people wonder where it is better to buy btc-e code? So we have the great news for you: if you buy btc-e code via international wire transfer on our website, we will reimburse 1% of the total amount of the code you have got!

But btc-e code has many other advantages in comparison with buying BTC or e-currency directly:

The future of Bitcoin: too late to get into cryptocurrency?

For the last few years one of the most spoken news in the financial world was the unbelievable growth of Bitcoin price. For many people it was difficult to imagine how something that cost several dollars skyrocketed in price just for three years? At that moment people started to think that perhaps Bitcoin got the great future and they were right.

Unfortunately, it’s hard to predict Bitcoin value because it’s totally depends on its demand on the market. However the fact is that all this time should be considered as the childhood of cryptocurrency. And this is quite reasonable excuse for high volatility. Later digital currency will be more stable.

When you get right down to it, the future of Bitcoin is even more predictable than fiat money. You know for sure that emission of bitcoins is limited, which gives you guarantee that you will not suffer from inflation. In addition, political instability or economic issues do not have any impact on bitcoin rate.