Comments and opinions on Bitcoin

Only a few years have passed since Bitcoin was created, but everyone has his own opinion concerning this subject. There are many people who believe that cryptocurrency is a worthwhile replacement of the traditional financial and banking system. Usually the majority of them is working in IT sphere, in other words those who understand how the Bitcoin protocol actually works. We have already mentioned the advantages of Bitcoin in our previous articles, so there is no sense to repeat this again. In a few words, it's a real challenge for established monetary system. Bitcoin has been created for people, it does not belong to some person or country, so it can’t be influenced by political and economic circumstances.

Unfortunately, not everyone is able to understand the essence of the new financial instrument. As it often happens, when people have disbelief regarding something they try to fill the knowledge gaps with conjectures. Besides the opinions on Bitcoin of those who knows have its negative effect as well.

The grave mistake is that people are trying to compare a completely new phenomenon with already existing one. In such way, we have these absurd references to a financial pyramid, an economic bubble, tulipmania, etc. And it is fundamentally wrong approach. It looks like comparison of the pigeon post and SMS: the same essence, but the principle of work is absolutely different.

For those who believe Bitcoin is an economic bubble, the main argument is its price drop. It should be understood that at some moment BTC price skyrocketed due to the really big number of the new users comparing with the whole quantity of those who was already involved at that time. Generally, the price is the main indicator of cryptocurrency importance. And if you remember the original cost was just a few dollars (now - $ 226 at the time of writing), so it is clear enough that users find useful Bitoin today. By the way, the majority of big organizations have begun to work with bitcoins just after its rate became more stable.

The statement that Bitcoin is a Ponzi scheme, also known as "pyramid", is also wrong opinion. Cryptocurrency is decentralized, and if there is no specific owner of BTC system, then no one can make a profit from it.

Izabella Kaminska, Financial Times journalist, has said that the total hype around digital money resembles the medieval tulipmania. That sounds pretty ridiculous, because a tulip is a commodity which is absolutely unsuitable for investment because of its perishability, and Bitcoin is a reliable financial instrument which is gaining the trust of its users year by year.

Some people say that Bitcoin payments are not sufficiently safe, referring to the numerous scams. This misbelief is triggered by misunderstanding of BTC system principle of work. To hack online BTC wallet is extremely difficult, and the desktop one - impossible at all (if you are following a few simple rules). In most cases, people suffer from phishing attacks, when somehow a person transmits the data regarding his BTC wallet to third parties. Often people do not fully understand the severity of situation, and therefore fall on different tricks. In fact the same rules are applied for credit cards.

Also there are opinions that the Bitcoin - it's just a toy for geeks. Well, twenty years ago, the Internet was also mostly used by computer freaks, but today its importance in our lives is difficult to overestimate.

It is not necessarily to understand how the Bitcoin protocol works to benefit from digital money. Just start to use it. Probably too few people know how actually the banking system works. After all, not everyone will be able to answer the simple questions: what determines the money issue? What are the causes and consequences of its overissue? What affects the rate of the national currency? However, everyone enjoys fiat money.

It is in human nature to feel distrust to anything new, it's normal. But today it is important to be aware of the latest technologies to get the opportunity to simplify some things in your life. And you should have your own opinion on Bitcoin which comes from your experience.