Where can I find Bitcoin job?

One of the up-to-date questions is «how one can find Bitcoin jobs». According to Google's Keyword Planner the search of the phrase «Bitcoin Jobs» is on its rise.

Here are some propositions for people who are seeking for a factual full time work in the Bitcoin industry.
Developers, writers, brokers, marketers pay your attention to the website Coinality where you can find different Bitcoin jobs. It’s twitter profile also provides information about live job updates.

Using Coinality, oDesk, Freelancer and Elance can help to find the best variant for you.
Indeed is one of the leading job boards around the world where you can look for Bitcoin jobs.
Cointelegraph is the place where you can search for HR service for Bitcoin related jobs.

Work for Bitcoins Online

There are several variants for those who are willing to make Bitcoins. On Jobs2Bitcoins website you can exchange your proficiency for Bitcoins. BitGigs, Fiverr are sites where people can post what they are ready to do for some amount of Bitcoins.

Exchange your time for Bitcoins

Wasting your time in the Internet is another way to earn Bitcoin. All you have to do is just surfing around and clicking on links or watching meaningless ads. Here are some options for those who are interested in this field:

  • BitVisitor, VisitBit– pays you Bitcoins for visiting other websites.
  • CoinWorker – earn points by completing short analytical tasks and convert those to Bitcoins.
  • CoinAd, BitToClick, BtcClicks – get Bitcoins for watching ads.

Earn Bitcoins by helping people on forums

To be able to earn Bitcoins through signature campaign inside the BitcoinTalk you have to be an active BitcoinTalk forum member. Placing a link in your signature promoting a company will help you to earn money. There are several member levels, which provide you with different payment amount.

Earn Bitcoins by means of one of the following methods and use to exchange Bitcoins to other e-currencies, withdraw Bitcoins via Bank transfer, Western Union or Money Gram.

Nowadays, there is a wide variety of jobs in the Internet that can help you to get decent sum (amount) of money. Bitcoin jobs are not the exception. (One of the examples of this type of work is Bitcoin jobs.) The main Bitcoin feature is its changeable rate. You can earn Bitcoin, store it and exchange to cash or any other e-currencies anytime, by means of any convenient way, when the exchange rate is the most suitable for you. Bitcoin change rate can help you to hit the jackpot.