Where can I find Bitcoin job?

One of the up-to-date questions is «how one can find Bitcoin jobs». According to Google's Keyword Planner the search of the phrase «Bitcoin Jobs» is on its rise.

Here are some propositions for people who are seeking for a factual full time work in the Bitcoin industry.
Developers, writers, brokers, marketers pay your attention to the website Coinality where you can find different Bitcoin jobs. It’s twitter profile also provides information about live job updates.

Bitcoin versus cards: is Bitcoin the ultimate leader?

Our modern society is becoming more and more cashless today. The convenience of paying for any purchase in any place has lead to a mass growth of people who use credit/debit cards and merchants who accept cards. The advantages of cards are obvious: there is no need to go to the bank to withdraw money, no need to worry about carrying a big sum of money, and in the case if your card is stolen, the only thing you have to do is to contact your bank and block your card to prevent illicit transactions. Cashless way of using money is very secure and convenient.

Despite all the advantages of the credit/debit cards there are still some downsides: