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Dear customers!

Recently our website has undergone some improvements: we added new features and design.
In order to see only updated look of our service, we recommend to reload your browser (using CTRL+F5) or clean your cookies in your browser.

Quick tips how to delete cookies:

1. For Google Chrome

- Settings;
- Clear browsing data
- Choose "Cookies and other site plug-in data";
- Clear browsing data.

2. For Mozilla Firefox
- Preferences;
- Choose Privacy Tab;
- Choose "Remove individual cookies";
- Click "Delete all cookies" or delete specific cookies by selecting them and clicking "Remove cookie".

3. For Internet Explorer
- Tools;
- Safety;
- Delete browsing history;
- Choose "Cookies";
- click "Delete" button.

4. For Opera
- Settings;
- Delete Private Data;
- Delete all cookies. - providing the best service.

Best regards, team