Partner Program from developed easy-to-use and highly profitable Partner Program. Our Partner Program gives an opportunity for you to get profit if your friends use our service.

Every customer can participate in our Partner Program. All you need for becoming our partner is to register an account with us and use your personal partner's link. It has special identifier, so when another person uses this link this activity is filed by our system. Besides partners link you will have access to different-size banners for forums, blogs, websites. You will be able to post your link and advertising banners on any website (excluding illegal services).

Our Partner Program has 3 levels: Junior (8%), Senior (10%) and Expert (12%). You can get to the next level when required cumulative transaction amount of your referrals reaches the next required border. Depending on your current level in Partner’s Program you can get better rate for bringing new referrals. You will get % of our profit depending on your level in Partner Program.

Bonus rate
Total amount
$500 - $4999
More than $4999

Inside your personal Unichange account you will be able to track all rewards which you get from your referrals. You can later withdraw this amount to any of available exchange directions of our service. The minimum amount to withdraw will depend on e-currency exchange direction you choose. The withdrawal order will be processed in time frames which are indicated for this type of transaction on our service.

The main PROS of our Partner Program are:
  • Simple and transparent Partner Program.
  • Everyone can become our partner.
  • All advertising information is at hand.
  • Attractive fees for partners, 3 levels of Partner’s program.
  • Wide variety of withdrawal methods.
  • Reliable and stable service with supportive team. gives you possibility to spread the word about us and receive nice bonus.

We reserve the right to change the policy of our Partner’s Program at any time.