Effective ways to protect BTC-e account is a place where you can buy or trade your Bitcoins, generate or redeem BTC-e codes to get Bitcoins, etc. So BTC-e account is your savings account which can be used to store, exchange or trade funds.
Recently number of btc-e accounts hackings has increased. Various viruses disguised as trade bots, trading platforms, or viruses which appear in the email letters are reason for these hackings.
Due to this situation, type of account defense when email confirmation is required is not really effective. Using Trojan virus violator receives access to your computer, open sessions on it, your mail. So as you can understand this is everything hacker needs to obtain your account and funds. It is highly recommended to shift to with its two-factor authentication.

In order to avoid hacking of your btc-e account you should follow some simple rules:
1. Do not use unknown and therefore untested third-party software.
2. When you receive personal messages or messages in chat with links to some third-party websites, do not use them.
3. Creare strong and unique password for btc-e account and totally different still very strong and unique password for your email.
4. Enable two-factor authentication both for your email and btc-e account.
In order to enable two-factor authentication for your btc-e account you need to follow some easy steps.
1. Create key in your Profile->Security
2. Scan QR code with Google Authenticator (if you have another application - just enter the key there).
3. Confirm it with one-time password.
With these simple steps you can set up one-time password for log in to account, cash withdrawals and change of your security settings.
It is possible to download Google Autenticator using the followng links:
for Android:
for iOS:
Use these tips to secure yourself and keep using safe!
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