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Freedom of speech is one of the most cherished values and fundamental rights in existence. Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression. Though a there exists private censorship and significant part of the world’s population is concerned with their privacy.

Unlike current opinion - Internet censorship is enforced by both legal and technical means. Consequently different ways and filtering methods have appeared, such as IP blocking, DNS poisoning, URL keyword filtering and limited packet content filtering, сonnections utilizing secure transport protocols, such as SSL VPN, IPsec and the like, that could be used to avoid censorship.

Among the filtering method we should mention one of the latest development of Krzysztof Okupski - а computer science student in the Netherlands, who has created a cheap and censorship-resistant messaging service built on top of the bitcoin blockchain. As it is known, Bitcoin is a decentralized digital cryptocurrency, and Krzysztof Okupski proposed to utilize it as an anti-censorship tool.

Investing in cryptocurrency vs. investing in fiat money

Trading currency and cryptocurrency are co-existing nowadays. Therefore, the strong need in comparing traditional currencies and Bitcoin has appeared. When it comes to comparing Bitcoin and USD, in many ways these two types of currencies are similar: both are recognized and valuable and this value can be changed according to market variables, both can be used to buy things. Nonetheless, this article will give you clear explanation and perspective which one is a better Investment.

The most important factors to compare Bitcoin and USD will be liquidity, investment, and stability.

The U.S. Dollar is more liquid, because it is the world's reserve currency, it is the most common and widely accepted currency.

Advertising via Bitcoin spam

If you are receiving mysterious and weird payments and you are not up to speed about what is going on, this article will clear it all up for you.

The small amount of funds (usually 1 Satoshi=0.00000001 Bitcoin) is sent to your Bitcoin wallet from an unknown address. The explanation of such actions may be found in the thread on BitcoinTalk. And it simply turns out to be SPAM transactions.

The way people use micro Bitcoin transactions to advertise a website or service

For example, you want to use Bitcoin transactions to promote your Bitcoin gambling website. The thought is that the spammers are counting on some recipients being gamblers who will then follow the trail, discover a gambling site, and deposit Bitcoins on that site. If you make, for instance, 1,000,000 transactions of 1 Satoshi (0.00000001 Bitcoin) it will cost you 0.01 Bitcoins which is hardly $4. In order to make this micro transactions work and succeed, you have to use 1 simple trick - embed a message with your website’s name. In the result, at least 1% out of 1,000,000 people that receive gift money will visit your site.

This way you can get 10,000 folks searching for your website on Google and likely to become your clients. Even if just 1 of these million turns to be a paying customer you’re already on velvet. Though you will have to pay fee for all of these transactions but it’s still might be a lucrative method to let the e-currency world know about your website.

How to embed SPAM messages inside a transaction

You can attach a message to a transaction through your Bitcoin wallet, as this type of an action is allowed by the Bitcoin protocol.

The reverse of the medal

In most cases such types of transactions are unconfirmed, as the minimum amount of the confirmed transaction should be at least 5,430 Satoshis, or 0.0000543 Bitcoins. These transactions "fail" after a few days and disappear from the wallet. It's essentially free advertising because, the transactions will never go through and the spammers get their Bitcoins back.

Is there any way I can prevent this SPAM?

Unfortunately, nowadays there exists no prominent way to stop certain addresses from spamming you and sending money. It's important to note that receiving one of these transactions means little or nothing. There is nothing that the sender can get from you, including information, by sending you a Satoshi. The only solution is to ignore these messages and eventually spammers will find this less efficient. If this really annoys you, you can just archive your current Bitcoin address and use a new one that hopefully the spammers aren’t aware of.

Bitcoin mining vs. Bitcoin buying: what is better?

Interest towards Bitcoins increases every day, which consequently rises Bitcoin's price. Thereafter the most popular question in the e-currency sphere nowadays is “If it's better to mine Bitcoins or to buy them?” Home mining has already become a type of “hobby”, by means of which you can generate a nice amount of Bitcoins. Yet it has turned to be much more difficult, what makes it impossible without a significant amount of money. Still, if you had $10K to invest in Bitcoins today, would you better just buy Bitcoins or use money to get mining equipment and mine them? Let's find out which option is the best and most profitable one.

Where can I find Bitcoin job?

One of the up-to-date questions is «how one can find Bitcoin jobs». According to Google's Keyword Planner the search of the phrase «Bitcoin Jobs» is on its rise.

Here are some propositions for people who are seeking for a factual full time work in the Bitcoin industry.
Developers, writers, brokers, marketers pay your attention to the website Coinality where you can find different Bitcoin jobs. It’s twitter profile also provides information about live job updates.

Bitcoin versus cards: is Bitcoin the ultimate leader?

Our modern society is becoming more and more cashless today. The convenience of paying for any purchase in any place has lead to a mass growth of people who use credit/debit cards and merchants who accept cards. The advantages of cards are obvious: there is no need to go to the bank to withdraw money, no need to worry about carrying a big sum of money, and in the case if your card is stolen, the only thing you have to do is to contact your bank and block your card to prevent illicit transactions. Cashless way of using money is very secure and convenient.

Despite all the advantages of the credit/debit cards there are still some downsides:

Technical issues

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Dear customers!

In connection with high interest of our customers in Bitcoins, team added Bitcoin to the list of e-currencies we are working with.

Now this is possible to sell or exchange Bitcoin on We opened the following new exchange directions:

OkPay - new payment system was added on

Dear customers! team is happy to inform you that we opened officially verified OkPay business account and new directions were added:

  • International Bank transfer to OkPay
  • Local Bank transfer (GBP, Poland, Czech Republic) to OkPay
  • Western Union/MoneyGram to Okpay
  • BTC- USD to OkPay
  • EgoPay to OkPay
  • FasaPay to OkPay

  • OkPay to International Bank tranfer
  • OkPay to Western Union/MoneyGram
  • OkPay to credit/debit card
  • OkPay to ePayments
  • OkPay to EgoPay
  • OkPay to BTC-e USD
  • OkPay to FasaPay
  • OkPay to Paxum
  • OkPay to PayPal

New exchange direction on

Dear customers,

Due to constant growth of interest of our customers to fast withdrawal of Perfect Money, EgoPay, BTC-e and FasaPay to ePayments prepaid cards, team added new direction - withdrawal to ePayments prepaid card EUR!

User tips for convenient work on

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Recently our website has undergone some improvements: we added new features and design.
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How to exchange Perfect Money to EgoPay on

Do you wish to exchange Perfect Money to EgoPay? Learn how to place order with this simple user guide!

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How to sell Perfect Money to Western USD on

Watch easy step by step user guide how to sell Perfect Money to Western Union on

The order is completed on our service within 1 business day (usually 4-5 business hours).  

How to exchange Perfect Money to bank transfer on

In this presentation you can find how to sell Perfect Money to bank transfer on

The order is completed on our service within 1 business day. It takes 2-4 business days for wire transfer to arrive to bank account.
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Partner Program from developed easy-to-use and highly profitable Partner Program. Our Partner Program gives an opportunity for you to get profit if your friends use our service.

Every customer can participate in our Partner Program. All you need for becoming our partner is to register an account with us and use your personal partner's link. It has special identifier, so when another person uses this link this activity is filed by our system. Besides partners link you will have access to different-size banners for forums, blogs, websites. You will be able to post your link and advertising banners on any website (excluding illegal services).

Our Partner Program has 3 levels: Junior (8%), Senior (10%) and Expert (12%). You can get to the next level when required cumulative transaction amount of your referrals reaches the next required border. Depending on your current level in Partner’s Program you can get better rate for bringing new referrals. You will get % of our profit depending on your level in Partner Program.

Bonus rate
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Bitcoins, BTC-e, possibilities

Bitcoin reigns on the Web. Bitcoin is new and rising trend on e-currency market. Its popularity is on the the highest point and it seems that nothing will change this position for now. Love it or hate it Bitcoin is here to stay. you can find plenty of services which deal with Bitcoins, starting with online Bitcoin wallets and ending with clothing shops where you can pay with Bits. One of these highly popular spheres is is Bitcoin exchange. is one of the leading Bitcoin exchanges at the moment. It gained even more in popularity after MtGox shut-down. Now main players on Bitcoin exchange market are BTC-e, Huobi and Bitstamp. Among the other exchanges BTC-e stands out with its low price to buy Bitcoins, big number of option to buy and sell cryptocurrency and possibility to trade other cryptos as well. Lets have a closer look on all option which are available on BTC-e. 

Effective ways to protect BTC-e account is a place where you can buy or trade your Bitcoins, generate or redeem BTC-e codes to get Bitcoins, etc. So BTC-e account is your savings account which can be used to store, exchange or trade funds.
Recently number of btc-e accounts hackings has increased. Various viruses disguised as trade bots, trading platforms, or viruses which appear in the email letters are reason for these hackings.
Due to this situation, type of account defense when email confirmation is required is not really effective. Using Trojan virus violator receives access to your computer, open sessions on it, your mail. So as you can understand this is everything hacker needs to obtain your account and funds. It is highly recommended to shift to with its two-factor authentication.

How to enter

At the moment please use this link to enter our website

BTC-e API installed. Orders with BTC-e USD codes are semi-automatic now.

We have wonderful news for you:
BTC-e API has been installed and now you can sell BTC-e USD codes in semi-automatic mode on

Exchange of BTC-e USD codes to Perfect Money, EgoPay, ePayments, C-gold, FasaPay, Paxum, PayPal, wire transfer, Western USD / MoneyGram, credit/debit card became more convenient to use and quick!

Main conditions for successful order on our service:
  • Amount in the order placed on our service and price of BTC-e USD code have to be equal.
  • BTC-e USD code has to be valid.
Following these 2 simple rules you are already half-way through to successful order completion.

Buying BTC-e USD code is also semi-automatic now. So from now on your BTC-e account will be funded automatically instead of sending you BTC-e USD code via email.

So if you wish to buy BTC-e USD code you need to indicate your login (your nickname) on Without correct nickname we won't be able to top up your BTC-e account.

If you have any questions about work of our service, do not hesitate to contact our Support team.
Best regards, team

Meet new website design!

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We would like to introduce you our new website design! became even more comfortable to use:

  • utter visibility! On the main page you can see all exchange directions, rates and reserves of our service! You only need to choose exchange direction and you will be processed to order placement page!

  • new convenient order placement! It is now even more easier to understand on which stage of order placement you are.

  • great layot of fees! All fees on one page! By clicking on the fee you can carry on to order placement instantly!

  • In the near future new directions - OkPay and Webmoney are going to be launched. - everything you need in one service!

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