Navbar2 started to accept Local bank transfers from Poland!

Now you can send local bank transfers in Polish złoty using your Polish bank accounts on!

You can buy Perfect Money, EgoPay, C-Gold with Local bank transfer (Poland) here

Local bank transfers arrive faster than international wire transfers (usually local bank transfer can arrive the same value date or on the next business day). Sending local bank transfers is also very cost-effective. It allows you to spend less than for international wire transfer!

Bank's fees explanations:
If you do not pay all bank fees, our bank fee will be around 12-20 USD (Fee will be taken in PLN according to our bank's currency conversion exchange rate).

Amount you send in Polish złoty will be converted into USD currency according to our bank’s currency conversion exchange rate.

Indicate amount in USD which will be equivalent to Polish złoty. For example, if you want to send 3238 Polish złoty (PLN) you need to insert 1000 (USD) in the field “Send”. 3238 PLN approximately equals to 1000 USD.

Regards, team