Buying e-currency with international wire transfer or local bank transfer: pros and cons offers users to buy or sell Perfect Money, EgoPay, C-Gold with international wire transfer or local bank transfer. Many people getting acquainted with e-currency exchange sphere might want to know the difference? What is more efficient? Why should I use this or that option? So this article is dedicated to give answers to such question.

International wire transfer is an electronic transmission of funds from one bank account to another. International wire transfers are dedicated to send funds from the bank in one country to the bank abroad. Wire transfers are sent across the network of hundreds of banks throughout the world.

To be able to send wire transfer you need to have bank account in one of currencies, accepted worldwide - USD, EUR, GBP. In another case you can have bank account is local currency, but when sending international wire transfer your funds will be converted to one of above-mentioned worldwide accepted currencies.

Another peculiarity of international wire transfer is that when you send transfer to the bank abroad, be sure that there will be the third party bank involved. Such third party banks are also called Intermediary or Correspondent banks. They help you to transfer wires from one country to the other, taking some particular fee for this service.

When sending international wire transfer, 3 institutions take part in a single transaction - Sender’s bank, Correspondent or Intermediary bank and Receiver’s bank or bank-recipient.


  • you can send wire transfer to almost every country in the world with international wire transfer
  • large amounts can be sent to buy e-currency


  • every bank, taking part in a transaction takes fee for bank’s service.
  • Wire transfer takes some time to arrive to recipient’s bank account (usually it is 2-4 business days).

Local bank transfers are dedicated to send and receive bank transfers within one country. As international wire transfer, it is also electronic transfer of funds between banks located in the same country. Also to send local bank transfer you only need to have bank account in your local currency (PLN, GBP, etc.).

When you use local bank transfer only 2 banks are involved in a transaction - sender’s bank and receiver’s bank.


  • Time frames for local bank transfers are shorter. Usually local bank transfers arrive in 1-2 business days.
  • Fees are less, as no Intermediary bank is involved. Besides for even sender’s and recipient’s banks’ fees for local bank transfers are usually much lower than for international wire transfers.
  • You do not need to have bank account in any internationally accepted currency. Bank account in your local currency is just enough.

  • You cannot send local bank transfers abroad.

Our service offers users that option which is more preferable for them: to send either international wire transfer or local bank transfer.

Local bank transfers are available for the UK and Poland. So if you live in Poland or the UK and have bank account in Polish zloty or Great Britain Pounds, you can buy Perfect Money, EgoPay or C-Gold with our service.
For the rest of our customers, we can offer international wire transfer as one of the funding methods on